Top 7 Styling Guides For Pergolas

Have you been gazing out at your garden area and thinking of sprucing it up? Well, it is about time your pergola requires some styling. A well-designed pergola will enhance your backyard’s appeal and add character to the outdoor space. You don’t have to spend a fortune in styling the pergola as in this blog we’ve outlined some easy tips to make your pergola look great when on a restricted budget:

1. Add Comfortable Seating:        

The type of furniture you have can either make or break the look of your pergola. And if you’re having second thoughts about your existing furniture, it’s time to upgrade a few items to something fresh and new. People are generally attracted to snug and soft settings; thus, it is best to go for comfortable seating to create an area that is refreshing and welcoming. You can go for high-back chairs or sofas and sun lounges to enhance your comfort level. Nevertheless, don’t forget to pick the furniture that can withstand all types of outdoor climatic conditions.

In case you are on a restricted budget, you can pick one furniture item that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, an ottoman can be set up and used for storage, an additional seat, coffee table, or perhaps as a footrest. Rearranging the current furniture can transform the dynamics of your outdoor area and make it look fresh. Adding colourful rugs, pillows, and furniture throws can further accentuate your pergola.

2. Create Colour Contrast:

Using contrast colours in your pergola décor can create a visual interest in your outdoor space. Contrasting colour shades or saturated tones are an excellent way to create that impact on your guests. It is best to keep the overall colour scheme simple, but add some vibrancy in the area using pops of colour. This can be done by using a fresh coat of paint, adding colourful plants, accessories, and curtains.

3. Go for Landscaping:

Adding plants and flowers to your pergola will give it a naturally appealing look, whether you go for a bright-coloured theme or just the shades of green. Planting vines that would wrap around the pergola pillars will turn the area into a comforting oasis. These vines will also help keep the space cool and provide shade during the summer season.

You can also add a few hanging potted plants to beautify your outdoor entertainment zone. If the area is prone to insects and mosquitos, choose lemongrass as a plant for your pergola. It naturally repels the bugs. If you see any cracked surfaces that you don’t have time to repair, place garden shrubs and beds on them.

4. Add Shade and Privacy:

Generally, pergolas have slats on their top as opposed to a complete roof, thus failing to block out complete sunlight. These slats provide a decent balance between sunlight and shade; however, in case you are looking for more control, there are some things you can try. Adding curtains to your pergola can help create shade and ensure privacy. You can also set-up trellis to give a dramatic effect to your outdoor area along with the required shade and seclusion. Large bushy potted plants or thick vines can be added for the same purpose.

5. Smart Lighting:

An appropriate lighting system can change the atmosphere of any area. Lighting is not just essential from a safety point of view during the night time; it also helps in bringing out the focus points of your garden and pergola space. You can also opt for accent lighting to draw attention towards various highlights of your outdoor area or even to set the mood.

6. Hang Swing from Pergola:

Adding a bench swing to a pergola can transform your backyard area into a fun-filled setting. A swing even provides more sitting space along with an added element of enjoyment for children and guests.

7. Freshen Up Your Pergola:

When everything else fails, and you are on a tight budget, you can accentuate your pergola by adding some fresh coat of paint. Basic timely maintenance like washing and cleaning the timber flooring can do wonders by renewing your outdoor area in an instant. A fresh wood stain can also give a completely new look to your pergola. If you want the pergola to last for a long time, protect the timber with a good quality preservative. Also, don’t forget to change the nuts and bolts that are coming out or are rusted.

Irrespective of your preferences, styling your pergola will give you an impressive outdoor living area while also adding value to your home.


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