A Guide To Deck Maintenance And Care

A deck is a vital part of the Australian lifestyle. We love to spend our time outdoors, be it taking a dip in the swimming pool or setting up a BBQ party for our loved ones. While a lot of us prepare our backyards for the warmer months, we usually focus on the lawn and garden area, ignoring the deck. If you are seeking ways to keep your deck looking great, it is essential to have a proper maintenance and care schedule. In this blog, we have highlighted decking maintenance and care ideas in easy-to-follow steps:

Wash and Clean the Deck:

A thorough annual cleaning of the deck is a must. If you ignore your deck and let the dirt accumulate on it for an extended period of time, it can result in discolouration. In the worst situations, it can promote the growth of mould and rotting of your timber deck.

To begin with, sweep the deck to get rid of any dirt and debris accumulated on the surface. Using a broom or brush and a cleaning agent, scrub the surface of the deck. While choosing the cleaning agent or deck wash, it is essential to pick the one that is ideal for your deck. In the market, you’ll find a wide variety of deck cleaners exclusively for wooden decks, and specialised cleaning products for composite decks. It is important to make use of a good-quality deck cleaner as it will not just help in washing away the accumulated dirt but will also remove mould.

In case you think that the deck requires deeper cleaning, using an oxygen-based bleach may solve your purpose. Unlike chlorine-based bleach, it won’t take away the natural colour of the wood or composite deck, and there won’t be any damage caused to your plants or lawn.

Deck Repair and General Upkeep:

When you are done cleaning your deck, it will then be a lot simpler to examine it for any problem areas. See if there are split, loose, or rotten boards. Don’t forget to fix them back in place, restore them, or, if required, replace them. In case you ignore such defects, it can further deteriorate the decking surface.

It is common for timber to shrink and swell as it ages, thus causing the bolts and nuts to come out from the surface. In case you notice such a thing, take a hammer and screwdriver to put them back in place, below the surface of the deck. Should you see some rusted nuts and bolts, make sure to replace them as soon as you can. If left as it is, these can cause timber to become loose and also result in discolouration of the deck.

Sand and Seal the Deck:

Before sealing the deck and post cleaning, let it dry and then sand it to get rid of irregularities. This will help the sealant to sink into the surface and get absorbed properly, thus protecting the timber. If you do not sand the surface of the deck, the oil won’t get absorbed equally and will result in stains and patchy colouring.

A deck must be properly coated to prevent it from splitting and twisting. Sealing the decking boards with a sealer will also aid in the waterproofing of the deck. The deck stain, oil, or sealer must be selected based on the kind of material of your deck. Seek advice from a professional decking supplier to help you pick the right sealer for your deck.

As a thumb rule, safeguarding your deck using a penetrative sealer will ensure the best outcomes. The paints and sealants that tend to remain on the deck’s surface often wash out and peel, thus making it look old and decayed.

One should also keep in mind that the majority of composite decks these days do not need a sealant or staining. Thus, if you are thinking of replacing your decking boards or setting up a new deck, this could be a great choice.

Examine Your Deck Regularly:

Always make it a point to check your decking boards on a regular basis. And, while doing so, watch out for any type of decay, rot or cracks. If ignored, a minor problem can turn out to be a big one if not addressed timely.


Finding time to wash, mend, and sand and seal your deck every year will make it appear like new, thereby making it a perfect area to spend time with your loved ones and safeguarding your investment for a long time.


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